a song about invalids

“Smoking, No Smoking” Stella Tennant  by Peter Lindbergh

I had sex with a really cool dude who choked me so hard that there are bruises along my collar bone from where the heels of his hands dug in and who slapped me and spanked me and bit me and pulled my hair and also who never once put me into missionary and also who got me there and back and isn’t this just perfect like wow. A disgusting atrocity happened to me and it was so good and I bought myself a Shirley Temple because I deserve it *pats own back.*


Hedi Slimane and James Rousseau at Slimane’s last Yves Saint Laurent show by Iain R Webb 1999

Tiziano Magni for The New York Times Magazine/Fashions of the Times, August 20, 1989. Sweaters by Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis.

Elise Crombez by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, July 2004

Kate Moss by Nick Knight for British Vogue, February 1996

i bought my nurse 3d costume so prepare for a lot of latex thigh high pics in the coming days


Xiao Wen Ju in “Can You Feel My Love Buzz?” for i-D Magazine, Fall 2014
Photographed by: Angelo Pennetta

Dating is so strange because you’re both doing it because you’re lonely and the ultimate goal is to be together and to not be lonely so you just end up being okay with kissing/hugging/hand-holding with a stranger and just hanging out with them and it’s so inorganic and I hate going on dates but I like boys so idk what to do.

Film For a Lifetime


Lily McMenamy by Tyrone Lebon for i-D Magazine Winter 2013