a song about invalids

Idk why, but I really love this.

'East of Eden' by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott for W March 2013

tbh i used to masturbate to the acoustic versions of one direction songs last summer okay.

too goth 4 summer.jpeg

u kno i probably honestly hate cute ass straight boys for making me like them and also for being a shitty amount of fucking adorable and like making me shy and skittish and then also not caring about me because i’m just a face in the crowd and i’m just super duper lame and I make myself fade out around them ugh.

stephanie seymour

Iekeliene Stange shot by Ralph Mecke for French Revue de Modes #15

Photo by Eddie Wrey | Dazed and Confused Magazine


Anonymous: sounds like you were trying to invalidate his point that men could be victims rather than actually say anything about feminism, in other words, to you feminism means men can't be victims, so you can fuck right off lmao

I actually never put what I said so maybe that might clear things up. I said “I in no way demean or say your personal experience is irrelevant, but that also does not mean whoever said this to you did not have her own very different and distinguished experience and you know, without understanding her reasons for saying that, you have no right to call her a pig. And smh for even trying to use the word “feminist” as an insult. You are both justified in saying what you’re saying, but this is also a chance to grow to understand each other instead of saying she’s wrong and you’re right.” And then he said that women always had the power and we always play the victims and feminism is bullshit and was overall ignorant to every single point I tried to make so you know what fuck him.

So my cousin (who’s proven via facebook time and time again that he’s an ignorant shit) made a post about how feminists were pigs basically because “his ex was crazy and violent, so explain that, FEMINISM, I WAS A VICTIM,” and I tried to explain to him what feminism actually stands for and he and his dumb friend basically just posted articles that said that feminism made the world worse and men could totally be victims and I told them “Hey, honestly, you’re so wrapped up in your own vision of the world and your own opinion that you will not even consider what I am trying to tell you or make any progressive steps to try to understand each other and instead of having an intelligent discussion, you’re just attacking me and creating an argument. You don’t want to listen to what I have to say, you just want to prove you’re right.” And I backed out of it and he just kept going and going and going and saying all this shit about how whoever created #BanBossy was a victim (which also like made his argument about how he was a victim irrelevant), and saying Beyonce had no right to her fame and how abortion is the worst and all this shit and I said “Hey man, I don’t want to hate you, so let’s stop while we’re on some solid ground here. I backed out, I told you I was done, so why are you still going?” And he said “If you hate me for my opinion then that’s a problem.” And I said “Well you must have a problem with me.” And I deleted him on facebook and you know what, I feel nothing. I will probably never see him again and I am so ashamed to be related to him and this is also a guy who said “You’re cousin’s always here for you, if you need someone’s ass kicked,” when I posted the sweetest most heartfelt and sincere bit about Eric the day he died. So uhm, talk about someone clueless and disgusting and just overall shitty.

Anonymous: it means he wants to fuck, u should probably hop on that dick like the thirsty ho u are

"but also he doesn’t want to hook up"

gosh u r rude

so a cutie boy thinks I’m cute but also he doesn’t want to hook up and he left my party last night and it was sad but also he messaged me a smiley face and i have no idea what that means.